Thursday, September 16, 2010

Highway 14, One of Minnesota’s Most Dangerous Highways

I ran across a story on Minnesota Public Radio’s website about the number of car accidents on a 24-mile stretch of Highway 14 between Mankato and New Ulm. Apparently, since 2000, 25 people have died in car accidents along this stretch of highway. The fatality rate along this stretch of road is 94 percent higher than the state average.

Surprisingly, there are no plans in the foreseeable future for any road MN DOT improvements in the area. Read more about this dangerous stretch of highway here.

No matter if you’re driving this stretch of Highway 14, or any other road in Minnesota, be safe! Common sense tips can help you avoid an accident:

Don’t Speed. Driving at a rate of speed that is faster than what is reasonable under the circumstances puts in you danger in two ways. First, it decreases your reaction time if you have to respond or take evasive action, and second, the added speed creates additional force, which means an impact that occurs at a higher speed happens with a greater amount of force.

Don’t Drive Impaired. Whether it be alcohol, drugs, fatigue, or driver distraction, these things decrease your ability to drive safely.

Buckle Up. Seat belts provide impact protection, absorb crash force, and prevent you from being thrown from the vehicle.

Click here for more safe driving tips.

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