Saturday, April 2, 2011

Does Your Minnesota Employer Have a Mandatory Workers’ Compensation Information Poster?

Minnesota law requires employers to display some state-mandated posters in a physical location where employees can easily see them. The posters provide safety, wage and age-discrimination information.

The notice is required by Minnesota law to be posted in a conspicuous location wherever the employer does business. The poster, entitled “Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Employee Rights and Responsibilities,” briefly explains what an employee is required to do after an injury, the name and contact information of the workers’ compensation insurance company, and the rights of an injured worker.

If your employer does not have a copy of this poster placed in a conspicuous location, you can download one and print it off by clicking here.

If you’ve sustained a work-related injury, don’t trust the workers’ compensation insurance company to tell you what your rights are. For a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our workers’ compensation lawyers, call us at 877-746-5680 or click here to send us an email.

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