Sunday, July 1, 2012

Help in Settling Your Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you’re suffering from a work-related injury, you not only have to deal with the physical symptoms of your injury, but you have the added stress of trying to deal with the workers’ compensation insurance company, trying to understand your rights and avoiding mistakes, and maybe even dealing with the uncertainty as to whether you’ll be able to continue working or not. Often times, injured workers want to settle their workers’ compensation claims in exchange for a lump sum, and in many cases, this is a good option. 

Unfortunately, trying to settle your case on your own is usually not a good idea. Minnesota workers’ compensation law is extremely complex. Workers’ compensation insurance adjusters deal with workers’ compensation law all day, every day. They know the rules; you probably don’t. They can spot potential problems on your case; you may not even be aware these potential problems exist. They recognize potential claims you may have, but they are not obligated to tell you about them. To make the playing field even less equal, insurance adjuster often hire defense attorneys to give them advice and guidance, particularly if there are disputes on your claim.

The deck is stacked against injured workers. 

A good Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyer can help you level the playing field, particularly if you’re exploring settlement of your case. There are literally dozens of factors that come into play in determining a fair settlement value of a workers’ compensation case, and a workers’ compensation lawyer can help you evaluate these factors. In order give yourself the best chance of securing the best results on your case, or increasing your odds of protecting your rights, you will want a legal ally on your side with just as much experience and knowledge about the workers’ compensation system as the other side has.

Educating yourself about your Minnesota workers’ compensation rights is the first step in protecting those rights. For a free, no-obligation workers’ compensation case consultation, contact Meuser & Associate at 877-746-5680, or click here to send us an email to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys. 


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