Monday, January 30, 2012

Do I Need A Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

If you’re injured on the job in Minnesota, in most instances, you are covered by workers’ compensation insurance which provides  medical expense benefits, wage loss benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, and/or rehabilitation benefits

In an ideal world, all Minnesota workers who are hurt at work would automatically get all the benefits they are entitled to under the law. Unfortunately, in most Minnesota workers’ compensation cases, it’s not a matter of IF the workers’ compensation insurer will dispute your claim – it’s a matter of when.

Meuser & Associate represents injured workers thorough the State of Minnesota for a variety of on-the-job injuries, including neck injuries, back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, traumatic brain injuries, shoulder injuries, crush injuries, spinal cord injuries, ankle injuries, burns, and catastrophic injuries.

If the workers’ compensation insurance company is paying on my claim, why do I need a Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyer? 

Even injured workers who are currently receiving workers’ compensation benefits are well advised to take advantage of a free, no-obligation consultation with a Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney.

As a rule, once you’ve sustained a work-related injury, you are a liability for your employer and their workers’ compensation insurance company. At all stages of your case, the insurance company is looking for ways to minimize the cost of your claim. Even on admitted workers’ compensation claims in Minnesota, where the insurance company has acknowledged responsibility for payment of benefits, there are dozens of ways they can seek to cut you off, undermine your rights, and minimize your entitlement to claims.

For example, workers’ compensation insurance companies often:
  • Contest everything about your case, including the reasonableness and necessity of your medical care, your entitlement to wage loss benefits, or even whether or not you were actually hurt at work. 
  • If given the opportunity, refer you to a short list of doctors who will minimize the seriousness of your injuries, provide minimal medical care, or push you to return to unrestricted work too soon. 
  • Delay or deny your access to treatment with a specialist, diagnostic testing, or surgery. 
  • Cut off your wage loss benefits in the hopes that the delay in your receipt of monetary benefits will “starve you out” and force you to accept a settlement for pennies on the dollar. 
  • Underpay on wage loss benefits or permanent partial disability benefits, either intentionally or unintentionally. 
  • Neglect to tell you about your right to rehabilitation benefits, or permanent partial disability benefits. 
  • Wait for you to make a mistake on your claim that will give them a basis to cut you off. 
Even loyal, hardworking employees who have worked for the same employer for years, sometimes discover a dramatic change in attitude in their supervisors if they’ve sustained a work-related injury.

If you’ve suffered a serious work-related injury, everything you’ve worked for can be at risk, including your financial security, your career, and most importantly, your health. A good Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyer can help you navigate the process and help you protect your rights.

An injured worker should never rely on the workers’ compensation insurance company to protect his or her best interests. Being informed about your Minnesota workers’ compensation rights is your first step to protecting your interests. For a free, no-obligation workers’ compensation consultation to learn more about your rights, call Meuser & Associate at 877-746-5680 or click here to send us an email. 


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